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Ants are among the most common pests in Kennesaw and they can become a real nuisance if they build a nest on your property. If ants find something they like in your kitchen, soon you might have a whole colony infesting your home. Certain ant species present a serious threat; fire ants are aggressive with a venomous sting and carpenter ants can destroy the wooden structures of your home.

Removing ants from your home in Kennesaw with store-bought products is virtually impossible, so don’t waste your time. Let the ant control pros solve your problem for you.

Professional Ant Control

If you’re tired of finding ants in your house in Kennesaw, All-Pro Pest Services will conduct an inspection to find out where the ant colony is nesting, how they’ve been getting in and what species you’ve got. With the facts gathered, our specialists will devise a game plan to eliminate all of the ants on your land with treatments applied directly to their nests.

After your current ant infestation has been dealt with, our team will follow up with a prevention strategy, using exclusion materials to deter ants from entering your home in Kennesaw. Our ant control services are covered by our Gridiron Guarantee, which promises our customers that we won’t rest until their house is 100% ant-free.

All-Pro Exterminates Every Last Ant

If your house is crawling with ants, it’s time to show them who’s boss. Give All-Pro Pest Services a call today for the finest ant control services in the Kennesaw area!

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