Mosquito Solutions

Mosquitos: “The Rival”

Has a flood of mosquitoes taken over your backyard? If you are tired of itchy bites and unsightly welts, we can help! Our outdoor mosquito control services protect your property from these annoying pests and will eliminate them at the source, giving you and your family the peaceful backyard experience you deserve.

If you’re in need of mosquito control and removal services, we serve the greater Atlanta area in Alpharetta, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Kennesaw, Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Suwanee, and the surrounding areas.


Common Types In Our Area…

Aedes Mosquito

Known for carrying the diseases Zika Virus and Yellow Fever, this mosquito can be recognized by white markings on its legs and body.

Culex Mosquito

Carrier of the West Nile Virus, this mosquito’s main target has been birds, but is also now targeting humans and mammals on a regular basis.

Anopheles Mosquito

Known to carry malaria and the Dengue virus, this mosquito is the primary vector of the disease. It is also considered a transmitter of heartworm in dogs.

How To Know There’s A Threat…

Mosquitoes can live in almost any environment, with the exception of extreme cold weather. They favor forests, marshes, tall grasses and weeds, and ground that is wet at least part of the year. Because they must have water in order to thrive, their habitats break down into two basic types:

Permanent Water Mosquitoes

Permanent water mosquitoes tend to lay their eggs in clumps, called rafts, of 50 to 300 on the surface of standing water at the edges of lakes and ponds and among the vegetation in swamps and marshes. Some species prefer clean water, while Culex pipiens, the northern house mosquito, prefers stagnant or polluted water.

Floodwater Mosquitoes

Floodwater mosquitoes lay their eggs in moist soil. The eggs, as many as one million per acre, will dry out as the ground does, then hatch when rains saturate the ground and water levels begin to rise. Floodwater mosquitoes also breed in containers. Aedes mosquitoes prefer the insides of old tires where dirty water collects and tree holes that gather rainwater.

The Game Plan

.01 | Inspection

The first step for All-Pro is to determine whether or not activity is currently present at or around your home. This helps us properly determine how to customize your plan. 

.02 | Customized Plan

No two plans are 100% alike. Each home has unique structural and layout features that require us to determine how best to protect your home. We select the right placement, treatments, and ongoing services to help provide a pest-free environment.

.03 | Scheduled Review

No plan would be complete with a “set it and forget it” approach. A proper Game Plan requires ongoing maintenance and inspections to make sure that your home stays pest free and there are no new threats that have emerged. 


Mosquito Related Questions

To learn more about how we can protect your home, read on to get the answers to frequently asked questions or contact us directly for more information!

Q: Why do mosquitoes bite?

Female mosquitoes require the protein from blood in order to develop their eggs, and will seek out hosts after mating.  Male mosquitoes do not bite.

Q: How long can a mosquito live?

Mosquitoes typically live about two weeks, although some adult mosquitoes can survive the winter in a sort of hibernating state which enables them to survive for up to 8 months.

Remember, many of the larvae in ponds are eaten by fish and a large percentage of adult mosquitoes end up as dinner for birds, spiders and dragonflies. If these predators were not around our mosquito problems would be far worse!

Q: What can I do to keep mosquitoes from breeding around my home?

Make sure you do not have any standing water in your yard. Be sure to change the water in birdbaths every week. Dump water from any buckets, trash cans, wading pools, old tires, etc. and situate them so water cannot accumulate in them. Keep your gutters and rainspouts clear so rainwater can run freely down them.

If you live near a pond or marshland and already have quite a few mosquitoes, you may want to use mosquito traps to catch and kill mosquitoes.

It is important to make sure you are not harming beneficial insects in your quest to eliminate your mosquito problem.

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