Alpharetta, GA Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal in Alpharetta, GA

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Raccoons are a common sight in urban areas of Alpharetta, where they often ransack trash cans and pet food containers by night. While this can be messy enough, it’ll get much worse if raccoons decide to move into your attic.

Raccoons like to nest in the safety and warmth of houses in Alpharetta, and will rip apart insulation, drywall and anything else they can to create a cozy den for their offspring. Many house fires have been started by raccoons gnawing on wires.

Raccoons will frequently defecate around their nesting and feeding areas, creating an unbearable odor while also bringing roundworms and dangerous bacteria into your house. Should you attempt to fight off a raccoon invasion on your own, you place yourself at risk of being bitten, which can cause you to contract rabies. Instead of placing yourself in danger, allow the raccoon control experts to save your home in Alpharetta from the infestation.

Professional Raccoon Removal

If you’ve discovered raccoons nesting inside your Alpharetta house, All-Pro Pest Services will create a game plan to swiftly remove them from the premises. We start off by conducting an investigation to determine the raccoons’ numbers, entry points, nesting locations and feeding sites.

Once we’ve gathered all the data we need, our licensed technicians will strategically position traps to capture every raccoon alive. To prevent them from wreaking havoc on your home in Alpharetta again, our crew will return them to the wilderness, very far away.

To deter future raccoon incursions, All-Pro’s specialists will establish durable barriers around your Alpharetta residence to keep them out. If you want to ensure that raccoons never break in again, you can schedule ongoing home inspections with us.

All-Pro Reclaims Your Home From Raccoons

Allowing a raccoon infestation to go unchecked can result in severe damage and disease. Get in touch with All-Pro Pest Services today for reliable raccoon removal services in the Alpharetta area!

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