Marietta, GA Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal in Marietta, GA

Do you require raccoon removal services in Marietta?

If something has been making a mess of your garbage cans at night, there’s probably a raccoon foraging on your property in Marietta. If you hear scratching or chattering noises from your attic, there’s a good chance that the raccoon has moved into your house.

Raccoons will take advantage of any opening to claw their way into an attic or crawl space, where they will proceed to build a nest by tearing through insulation, drywall and wiring. Many house fires have been started by raccoons biting through the wrong electrical wires.

Raccoons in the home also pose a health hazard, as their feces contain roundworms and bacteria, which may spread to you or your pets. Attempting to remove a raccoon on your own is a risky endeavor since they will fight back if provoked and may carry rabies. For safe and thorough raccoon removal in Marietta, call upon the local wildlife control specialists.

Expert Raccoon Removal

If raccoons have broken into your house in Marietta, All-Pro Pest Services will form a custom game plan to extract them from your property. First, we’ll send our licensed experts to inspect your house for signs of raccoon entry and activity to determine how many you’ve got and where they’ve built a nest.

Our wildlife control technicians are trained on how to safely capture raccoons using baited traps placed around your property. We’ll remove the captured raccoons to a faraway forest so that they never find their way back to your home in Marietta.

To exclude other raccoons from your residence, the All-Pro crew will place pest-proof barriers over any openings in the sides of your Marietta house. If you want to be certain that raccoons don’t invade your home again, we suggest you schedule regular inspections with our team.

All-Pro Puts a Stop to Raccoon Infestations

It’s important to evict raccoons before they ransack your home but don’t try to do it alone. Reach out to All-Pro Pest Services today for the best raccoon removal services in the Marietta area!

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