Roswell, GA Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal in Roswell, GA

Are you in need of raccoon removal services in Roswell?

Raccoons are bold and mischievous creatures which commonly move into neighborhoods in Roswell to feed off of trash and pet food. If raccoons get too comfortable living around humans, they may break into your home and that’s where the trouble really begins.

Raccoons typically nest in attics and crawl spaces, and they will destroy everything they find to build their den, including drywall, roof shingles, insulation and wires. If a raccoon decides to chew through live electrical wires, it can lead to a power outage or a fire in your Roswell home.

Raccoons will scatter their droppings everywhere they go, which will quickly lead to an overpowering stench and can also spread roundworms and harmful bacteria. If you try to force a raccoon out of your home, you may be attacked, which can result in injury and the transmission of rabies. To have raccoons safely removed from your house in Roswell, call in a team of wildlife control professionals.

Elite Raccoon Removal

If your Roswell residence has been infested by raccoons, All-Pro Pest Services will strategize a game plan to evict and exclude them. We’ll kick off our services by sending our licensed specialists out for a home inspection to discover how the raccoons got inside, how many have invaded your home, and where they’ve been nesting and eating.

Our professionals will place traps in areas where the raccoons have been living and foraging to safely and humanely catch them all. To keep the furry bandits from ransacking your Roswell home again, we’ll release them in nature many miles from your neighborhood.

To keep other raccoons at bay, the All-Pro team will set up barriers around your Roswell property to exclude them from entering your home again. If you’re concerned that raccoons may find a new way in, you can set up ongoing inspections with us to guarantee the safety of your home.

All-Pro Wins Every Game Against Raccoons

If not stopped quickly, raccoons can be more destructive to your house than any other pest. Contact All-Pro Pest Services today for efficient raccoon removal services in the Roswell area!

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