Alpharetta, GA Rat Removal

Rat Removal in Alpharetta

Rats can cause more extensive damage to a home than virtually any other pest. They can cause power outages or electrical fires by chewing through wiring, and they can weaken the integrity of your home by eating away at insulation and drywall. Worse still, rats can bring disease into your home by raiding your kitchen and garbage, then leaving behind their infectious droppings. Once a group of rats has taken residence in your home in Alpharetta, the problem will only get worse as they reproduce quickly, exponentially increasing their numbers in a matter of weeks.

If your home has been infested, don’t make the mistake of trying to get rid of the vermin on your own. Allow the quick and careful experts at All Pro Pest Services to manage the rodent problem on your behalf.

How All Pro Fights the Rat Problem

The All Pro Pest Services crew is well-equipped to put together a game plan that’s customized for every home in Alpharetta, regardless of size or location. We’ll begin our preparations by sending some of our pros to your house to determine the number of rats that have invaded your property, and where they’ve built their base.

Next, we’ll initiate our plan of attack by baiting and trapping every last varmint as promptly as possible, and removing them from your home. As soon as we’re sure that your home is secure, our crew will scour it for lingering signs of the infestation, like rat droppings, and clear them away until your house is spotless.

Last but certainly not least, our talented team will seal every hole and crack in the exterior of your home to make sure rats never get in again. Once the rat infestation is handled, All Pro will set up recurring inspections to make sure your home stays safe and rat-free forever.

Overcome the Rat Infestation With All Pro Pest Services

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If an army of rats has invaded your Alpharetta home or business, don’t let them build up their numbers until they have the upper hand. Bring in All Pro Pest Services for fast, effective and dependable pest removal that will safeguard your property against vermin. Call us today for rat control in the Alpharetta area!

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