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Rats are filthy pests that frequently infest houses in Kennesaw. These rodents will gnaw on everything they find including insulation, drywall, wood and plastic. Rats commonly chew on electrical wires, a dangerous habit that can result in power outages and house fires.

Rats will urinate and defecate indiscriminately throughout your Kennesaw property, which can lead to the spread of diseases and parasites. Since rats breed at an incredible rate, a rat infestation can grow rapidly and may be impossible to stop on your own. That’s what the rat control pros are here for!

Elite Rat Control

If rats have invaded your home in Kennesaw, All-Pro Pest Services will develop a game plan to remove all of the rodents in a timely manner. We’ll start with an inspection to see how many rats we’re up against and figure out where they’re nesting. Once we’ve got a handle on the opposition, our licensed technicians will move in to place traps all over your home so that we can eliminate every last rat.

Rats tend to leave a nasty mess behind, but our team will clean up any droppings and nests while using disinfectants to kill off bacteria and parasites. To prevent future rat incursions in your home in Kennesaw, we’ll exclude the rodents by placing pest-proof seals or covers over any holes which they could use to enter your property.

All-Pro Never Loses Against Rats

If left unchallenged, an infestation of rats can make your home unsafe and unsanitary. Get in contact with All-Pro Pest Services today for the premier rat control services in the Kennesaw area!

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