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Of the many pests that plague homes in Sandy Springs, rats are some of the most troublesome. Rats file their teeth by chewing on whatever they stumble upon, including drywall, wood, metal and insulation. Many electrical fires have broken out after rats gnawed on live wires.

You may smell rats before you see them, since they’ll scatter droppings and urine throughout your home in Sandy Springs, which can allow pathogens and parasites to spread. Rats reproduce at an extreme rate, which makes it extremely difficult to stay on top of a rat infestation. That’s why you should call in the rat control experts!

A1 Rat Control

If you have a rat infestation in your home in Sandy Springs, All-Pro Pest Services will come up with a game plan customized for your property. First, we’ll conduct an inspection to determine how many rats there are, how they got in and where they’re living. Next, our licensed specialists will engage an aggressive rat control strategy, using baited traps to eliminate all of the rats on your premises in an efficient manner.

To finish, our crew will clean out all rat nests and feces, and sanitize areas where they congregated to prevent the spread of diseases and parasites. So that more rats don’t come crawling into your Sandy Springs house, we’ll close off all possible rodent entry points with barriers and sealants.

All-Pro Always Scores a Victory Against Rats

Without professional control services, a rat colony can quickly overwhelm and devastate your home. Give All-Pro Pest Services a call today for unrivaled rat control services in the Sandy Springs area!

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