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All it takes is a hole the size of a quarter for rats to worm their way into your home in Smyrna. Once inside, rats will gnaw through insulation, wood, plastic, metal and more. In some cases, fires have even been started by rats chewing through live electrical wiring.

As rats move through your house in Smyrna, they will leave feces and streaks of urine all over the place, which can transmit parasites and harmful bacteria to your household. Because rats are prolific reproducers, your rat problem will usually multiply faster than you can contain it. Luckily for you, the rat control specialists know how to put a permanent stop to your rodent problem!

Premium Rat Control

If you’ve found rats living inside your Smyrna home, All-Pro Pest Services will devise a game plan to defeat your rodent infestation. We’ll begin by conducting an inspection to learn how many rats are inside, how they entered and where they’re nesting. Our licensed professionals will strategically place baited traps throughout your property to eliminate every rat before they have a chance to multiply further.

Once our rat removal is complete, our team will follow up by removing all of their waste and nests from your home, sanitizing as we go to eliminate any parasites or bacteria. Since other rats may try to build their nests in your house in Smyrna, we’ll prevent them from entering your residence using rodent-proof exclusion materials.

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Never allow a horde of rats to wreak havoc on your home. Reach out to All-Pro Pest Services today for first class rat control services in the Smyrna area!

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