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Squirrel Removal in Kennesaw, GA

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Squirrels are fond of raiding bird feeders in backyards throughout Kennesaw and sometimes, they’ll even try to move into your house. Within your attic, squirrels will chew apart insulation, drywall and other materials to build their nests. Many power outages and fires have occurred because of squirrels gnawing on electrical wires.

Squirrels will also litter your house with droppings and urine that may spread parasites like ringworm and diseases like leptospirosis. Trying to single-handedly evict squirrels from your home in Kennesaw can prove a nigh-impossible challenge. For effective squirrel removal, rely on All-Pro Pest Services!

Elite Squirrel Control

If squirrels have infested your house in Kennesaw, All-Pro will create a game plan to remove them as swiftly as possible. We’ll start by conducting an inspection of your premises to learn how the squirrels invaded, where they’ve holed up and how many we’re dealing with. We’ll then lay baited traps around your home to capture every last squirrel in record time so that the pests can be safely removed back to the wilderness.

To prevent another squirrel infestation, our technicians will seal up any holes in the perimeter of your Kennesaw home and place barriers over openings like vents and chimneys. Schedule recurring inspections with our team to ensure that squirrels never find another way in.

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All-Pro Puts Squirrels on the Run

If not handled quickly, a scurry of squirrels can make a destructive and unsanitary mess of your home. Get in contact with All-Pro Pest Services today for reputable squirrel removal services in the Kennesaw area!

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