Marietta, GA Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal in Marietta, GA

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Squirrels are undeniably cute critters and it’s great fun watching them squabble over seeds at birdfeeders. But the fun ends fast when squirrels decide to start scampering around inside the attic and walls of your Marietta home.

If any trees grow near your house, squirrels can easily scale them and leap onto your roof. From there, they will take advantage of any holes bigger than a quarter to squeeze into your attic and make a nest. Squirrels are destructive pests that will chew up insulation, woodwork, drywall and more. If a squirrel gnaws on the wrong wires, it might even cause a power outage or an electrical fire.

Squirrels also pose a health hazard. Their urine may transmit leptospirosis, while their droppings may contain salmonella and ringworms.

Because they’re difficult to catch and may bite if cornered, removing squirrels from an attic should never be attempted alone. Let the professionals at All Pro Pest Services take them out for you.

Reliable Squirrel Removal

If squirrels have raised a ruckus in your Marietta household, All Pro Pest Services will devise a game plan to kick them out. To begin with, we’ll deploy a wildlife control specialist to examine your property for squirrel activity, entry points and nesting locations.

Once we have a good idea what we’re dealing with, it’s time to evict your uninvited guests. Our team of professionals will use expertly placed traps to capture all of the squirrels and then we’ll remove them to the wilderness, far enough away that they can’t come back to your Marietta neighborhood.

Request An Inspection

So that you never have to fight off another squirrel infestation, the All Pro crew will seal off any hole that can be used as an entry point and put up specialized barriers to dissuade even the most persistent squirrels. Just to be sure that the pests never return, we can schedule recurring home inspections with you.

All Pro Is Undefeated Against Squirrels

Trying to evict squirrels from your attic alone can be a nutty experience. Give All Pro Pest Services a call today for effective squirrel removal services in the Marietta area!

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