Why All-Pro?

Serving Georgia Since 1971

Before the Bug Pro, the green trucks, and the thousands of happy customers, All-Pro started with a single truck and a desire to serve. We are a family-owned and operated business who values our customers. We proudly employ business-minded individuals as technicians and office staff. Each member of our team is registered by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  All-Pro exists to help you enjoy your entire home by keeping the mosquitoes, termites, and other types of pests, out of your personal space.  We believe that outstanding customer service is a non-negotiable. Every treatment performed by All-Pro is backed by our Gridiron Guarantee – if ever you are not happy with your service, call us and we’ll make it right – for any reason.

The All-Pro Difference

Though we’re not the largest company in the pest control world, the desire for quality service with friendly customer support continues to grow. What sets us apart?

  • Personalized customer relationships allow us to respond to immediate feedback and changing preferences.
  • The ability to stay nimble and respond quickly to an ever-evolving industry.
  • With us you are not a number. Every customer matters!
  • Same day or next day service
  • ALL of our employees are licensed by the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture, not just our technicians.
  • We offer unlimited phone and email support to answer any questions or concerns.
  • All products are green and environmentally friendly.
  • We have continued education for all employees
  • Treatments are guaranteed by our GRIDIRON GUARANTEE.

You can count on us to stay on top of pest-related issues and news that affect your home and family. We are on the cutting edge of technology so that we can offer our customers the latest and greatest services our industry can provide. Ready to join us in the fight against pests? Contact us today.



Your Trusted Pest Control Provider For Over 50 Years!

We’ve been serving the great state of Georgia since 1971!  No matter what your address is, for 50 years we have continued to work hard to provide you with the most prompt, effective, and professional pest control services in the state.  As our founder, Mr. Bob, says, “You won’t find a pest control company anywhere that will appreciate your business more than All-Pro Pest Services.” He is right! If you need a trusted pest control solution, we will be there for you every mile of the way!


The Gridiron Guarantee

Your satisfaction is a big deal to us, and we don’t consider it a “win” unless your home is pest free. If pests return between treatments, The Bug Pro will return at no extra charge. And if we’re unable to solve your pest problem, we’ll refund your last service payment as long as you’re a customer. More importantly, you can call The Bug Pro anytime you have a problem and we’ll work to solve it. 

Ready to get started with All-Pro? CONTACT US TODAY